Sunday, September 28, 2008

Karen's Birthday

So, as many of you likely know, it was Karen's birthday on September 19th.  Here are a few pictures that document the festivities and gifts she received.

This picture shows the phone that we got about a month ago because her phone decided not to hold a battery charge any more.  Even after we put a brand new battery in, it didn't work, but this one is a champ.  Karen is a text queen now that she has a full keyboard.  You can even see her thanking me for the phone with a text she sent me seconds after the picture was taken.

It's a check!  I woke Karen up from a nap to open presents after I got home from work that day.  Her first gift was a card and generous check from good ole Grandpa Wit.  Thanks a bunch!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  We officially have it now and Karen had never seen it.  My parents decided that she needed to have it.  She has that look on her face because she's trying to find the best way to open the DVD, her favorite thing to do.

These are the bath salts that came along with the movie.  Karen had a cold and was trying to smell them, but the package was sealed and there was no scent.  Bummer.

Karen's friend Nicole bought Karen a High School Musical refrigerator magnet and a book for bread recipes.  That's a gift that keeps on giving.  Thanks Nicole!

This was a jawbreaker that Holly gave Karen.  The story goes that back in 7th grade they were sitting in the rear-facing back seat of a station wagon and Holly decided to experiment with her kissing skills on the jawbreaker.  Little did they realize, Holly's older brother was in the seat just behind her hearing the entire thing.  How embarrassing!

Next came my bag.  Flight of the Conchords season 1 on DVD.  She was a little excited about this one if you can't tell...  Here's my new favorite part:

This was in the bag too.  It's a chocolate bar from England that says, "It's not for girls!"  I thought she would like that.  I will let her eat it, don't worry.

These are gifts from Bath and Body Works.  It's a foot cream and super soft socks.  I asked her how the candy bar and foot stuff were related and she gave me this look.  She didn't get it.

This gift was something I came across at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  It's a laptop holder thingy.  It's perfect for working on the computer while on the couch or in bed or on the floor.  I figured it would be a gift for both of us because we watch LOST episodes laying in bed a lot.

Next we had cake and finished out the night with a dinner at Ingredient where we had two very tasty gourmet pizzas and then we were the last people in the world to go see "The Dark Knight" in theaters.  We both really liked it, the pizza and the movie.

In other news, I finally have my website up and running again so you can go check it out.  I have some cool sunflower pictures on there that I took recently.  You can find it under the Nature/Landscape tab of the website.

Other than that, everything is going well.  We both had a busy week at school with tests and papers due in almost every class.  Work has gotten a little more busy for me now that the Operations Manager has switched to a new person.  I'm taking a little more of the responsibility now because I have more working knowledge with the equipment than the current Manager.  It's a great opportunity.  I love telling people that I'm a photographer now.  So hurry up already and check out my website and email me if you need pictures taken.


shoeless joel said...

Happy Late Birthday! (Jemaine is so my favorite. His little pop ins in that video are just one reason why.)

AdrianneJayne said...

What a great husband! Happy Birthday Karen! It sounds like you two had a lot of fun! :)

Hooked on Houses said...

I love Flight of the Conchords, and this is a great clip. "She's so hot. Like a curry." Too funny. When's that show coming back? Can't wait for season 2! -Julia