Thursday, September 11, 2008

The New Job

So I started my new job on Monday and I feel like it's a really good fit.  Besides the usual, "Where does this go?", or, "Where do I find that?" stuff, I feel pretty comfortable with the demands of the new job.  For those of you who aren't on the up and up, I got a new job at University Photography as the Assistant to the Operations Manager.  Basically I'm there to keep the Operations Manager from having a stroke at an early age due to work induced stress.  I'm there to put camera and studio light kits together that we ship off to photographers across the country, charge batteries, fill out paper work, and general organization stuff.  I also have first dibs on whatever new assignments come our way and those do a very good job of compensating me for my time.  The best part of all of this is that I don't have to worry about taking a certain number of calls per day, or dealing with a difficult customer that thinks a lost order of shoes is the end of the world, or hearing a manager complain about how their back office printer won't print their daily reports.  I can deal with things in the realm of photography and understand just about everything that's going on.  Whatever I don't understand is explained to me or I just do my own personal research about the topic and become the expert myself.  The photography isn't the most creative but I still love it.

Speaking of photography, I recently took some engagement pictures and will be shooting the subsequent wedding on October 17th.  The wedding will be for Kevin Player and Amy Gowans in Salt Lake City, Utah.  You can check out one of my favorites here:  
I would normally post a link to my website but I've been trying to get some new features to work on it and it's temporarily down right now.  As soon as it's back up again I'll let you know so you can see some of the others pictures in the shoot as well.  Karen will be accompanying me out to Utah so we can see family and old mission friends that we haven't seen for what seems like forever.  It will be a great way to spend Fall break.  Well, my fight with technology today has exhausted me and I need to distance myself from a computer for the period of at least a good night's sleep.


TPlayer said...

This was my favorite picture as well!!! I'm so excited you guys will be out there with us for the festivities!

TPlayer said...

Oh more thing, you know how in most engagement photos the girls bling all obvious and up in your this picture, i thought it would have been hilarious to have Kevin wearing some bling on that hand

Amelia said...

What's the backdrop? It looks kinda misty, but the foreground is so clear, I'm intrigued. Great work, Ad-man, and congrats on the new stove, guys!