Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh, and another thing...

I remembered I wanted to mention this right after I published the last post.

A few weeks ago I was looking at job postings on the LJWorld website.  I noticed my computer was running a little slow but didn't think much of it.  On my Mac, I have a feature called Expose, which reveals all of my open windows on that screen.  It's really convenient for multitasking and switching back and forth between multiple windows in an application.  So I hit the Expose key and had to do a screen grab of what I saw:

Can you say pop ups?  29 to be exact.  I forgot to turn off the pop ups and look what happens!  Every time I clicked anything on the LJWorld website, a new window was created.  Looks like Netflix really wants our business.  So, just a word of warning, make sure you have pop ups blocked if you visit the Lawrence Journal-World website.

Congragulations and Congraduations

So, you know how some people revert to talking about the weather when they're talking with a complete stranger?  I find it's the typical topic of conversation when you're talking with the person at the check out in the grocery store.  Or maybe weather is what you talk about with someone you haven't talked to in a long time and want to fill awkward silences.  I'm not trying to do either when I mention how amazing the weather has been in the last month.  Kansas has about 4 weeks of good weather every year -- two weeks in the spring and two weeks on the fall.
Fortunately KU graduation fell into that portion of good weather for the year.  Karen Graduated from the School of Education with Honors and also received a Senior Leadership award.  Go Karen!  3 weeks later she'll start her Masters.  Go Karen!  Thanks to everyone who came to the party and an extra special thanks to those who brought gifts.  

Karen giving a thumbs up after receiving her "diploma" at the Department of Education Convocation.  The baby blue cords are for honors.

The "diploma" was actually just a legal pad of paper.  How lame is that?

Karen did receive a small Jayhawk statue for her Senior Leadership award.

After that, we all went to The Salty Iguana and Karen fit right in with the murals on the wall.

Yup, that's Karen in the huge Clown Sunglasses walking down the hill.

In other news, we're all relieved to be out of school.  I kicked it into gear and studied like crazy for finals and got better grades than I was expecting.  Two of my finals were on my birthday :(.  This was my last semester at JCCC and I'm very excited to start at KU this next fall.  A huge part of that is I will be working on the staff of the Kansan as a photographer.  It will be great fun to shoot KU events, especially the sports!

Lately we've been enjoying our evenings playing cards, board games, watching movies, the Champions League Soccer Finals game, and playing night games with members of our ward.  It's been a blast!

I have to run off and help Karen's brother David and his family move and next week I'll be helping my Grandmother move as well.  Lots of moving going on here!