Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Handy Man

Every Tuesday night for the past semester, I have driven to Kansas City to take a 3-hour long class, then drive back. This class is painfully boring and the only motivation I have to go to it is to meet up with friends in KC afterwards. Well, yesterday was the last class of the semester, so nothing was going to stop me from enjoying a nice dinner afterwards, not even a snowstorm! After eating my weight in salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden (and making Nicole tell the waiter to pack up the rest for me), I headed home amidst the sleet and snow. Going 40 mph is never pleasant, especially when trucks pulling motor homes zoom past at 70 mph, coating your car in sleet. Adding to this excitement, I noticed that the temperature gauge was dangerously close to overheating. Now, I don't pretend to know a lot about cars, but I did what I thought would help...continued driving slowly and turned the heat off so the car wouldn't have to work as hard. No luck. As I entered Lawrence, I decided to call Adam just to check if there was something else I should do. He's awesome. He told me to avoid stops, go faster, crank the heat, and lower the windows (see why this doesn't make sense to me?!). As I did, it started to lower a bit. Then, I stopped by his work and Adam checked the engine, then scraped the ice off the front grill. Ta-da! Problem solved and the car didn't explode with me in it. It was just a little thing, but I am reminded how grateful I am for a husband who knows things that I don't. We just help each other out.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fall Review

My, how we have neglected this blog. It's not for the lack of exciting things...I blame it on not transferring pictures from our camera (because you know that's the best part of blog entries). So, here's {some} of what we have been up to in the last four months:

We already shared pictures from Nicole's wedding in September, but the girls had also gotten together a couple weeks before the wedding to celebrate. We enjoyed some really good food and a fun night out in Kansas City. I was able to break out the sewing machine to make Nico's sash - I actually liked how it turned out!

We spent many miles driving back and forth to Topeka to celebrate birthdays (there are six birthdays within six weeks of each other in my family!) and see Susan off on her mission. During one particularly late Sunday visit, I showed Susan a little trick to break the ice with her companions. Pretty soon, everyone was trying it out!

(Rachel never quite mastered it, even with the help of new expert b-boy, Adam).

We won't see Susan until March/April 2011, but know she's doing awesome in Peru! Check out her blog {} because she is a sassy, spiritual girl!

In late October, we were able to finally meet the new addition to our extended family: Kendra! She and her parents and brothers came out for a couple weeks and we thoroughly enjoyed all our time with them.

Since the boys were here over Halloween, I was able to put together costumes for them. They loved their super hero capes and the growing number of accessories that Aunt Karen kept coming up with. So cute. Poppa Buhler found the perfect outfit for little was a fun Halloween! Adam also took their family photos, which you can see on his Facebook page (I think there's a link on the side of this blog).

We also took some awesome pictures at Thanksgiving, but I think we'll have to share those on a different post. Now, it's time for me to get back to my four hour class on educational measurement in the classroom.....only two more weeks to go!