Friday, June 5, 2009

Last days of summer...

Yes, my friends, it is only June 5th, but summer is close to ending for us at the Jr. Buhler household.  Starting on the 9th, I will be taking two grad classes towards my Masters in Special Education and Adam will be working from 11:15 AM - 8 PM, Monday-Friday for the rest of the summer (though we are EXTREMELY grateful he now has a job....yay!).  Luckily, we've already spent some quality time with each other, family, and friends and have our vacation in August to look forward to as we work hard until then!

Some exciting developments this summer: We are no longer late sleepers or couch sitters!  That's right, we have started training for a 5K with a group at church.  We meet three days a week and run at 6:30 AM.  Adam and I feel so green...we even walk to the Institute where we meet (we are just across the street...but that hasn't prevented us from driving before).  I've never been a runner (despite setting the city record in the 7th grade girl's was the first year it was open to 7th graders and I was the only one to it was me....for four laps....running very slowly.  The next year, someone beat it by about two minutes!).  Adam ran cross-country in high school, but hasn't run much since he tore his ACL (coincidentally when we ran together at 6:30 AM before our missions....let's hope our knees stay healthy this time around!).  I'm discovering running is definitely a mind game - I just hope to gain a tolerance/enjoyment of it.  On the days we don't run, Adam and I have been waking up at the same time and going on 45 minute walks.  It is a really nice way to slowly wake up.  Plus, we've discovered new places we've never seen in our neighborhood!

Instead of going home and crashing, Adam and I are reverting to our missionary schedule and love it!  We come home, eat, study our scriptures on our own, and then read together.  It has been awesome.  Besides, I have to be at work/school by 8:30, so it just makes it harder if I go back to sleep.  Getting to bed by 10:30 PM has still proven difficult, but we are slowly getting back in the habit.

On top of our early morning walks/runs, I am finally taking a dance class this summer!  My friend Brooke and I signed up for a jazz class at the Arts Center.  We've only met once so far, but already I am sore in places I forgot I had.  Dancing definitely works your body!  Plus, it is just so much fun!  I have missed it a lot, so I'm glad Adam was willing to sacrifice some of his photography savings to pay for it.  Yay, Adam!

So, that's us for the time being.  I got bored at work today and decided to change our blog a bit.  If you use Google Reader, you should just quickly look at our actual site.  It's nothing fancy (it's actually a PowerPoint slide), but I had fun pretending I know something about graphic design.