Monday, April 20, 2009


Summer is almost here...and we cannot wait!  After Spring Break we de-winterized our apartment (summer quilt vs. winter comforter, light curtains vs. insulated curtains, etc.), but w have still had to deal with the lovely Kansas weather - sunny and 75 one day, and freezing rain the next.  We're hoping it is now here to stay!

We are preparing for all kinds of changes too....I graduate in less than a month and begin graduate school and Adam is transferring to KU in the fall!  He's applying to work for the campus newspaper as a photo editor and photographer, which will be the best campus job for him!  I'll be student teaching next year, so we'll be living off of one meager salary, but hoping to get some good scholarships!  We've gotten a little taste of budgeting with one salary, since Adam's job let him go last month.  After applying for jobs (newsflash: turns out there ARE no jobs!), we've decided to just wait until the summer for him to work, then he can get a full-time, temp job.  Surprisingly, we've both been pretty calm about the whole thing and are grateful that we've been pretty frugal already!

Despite school and work, we're still able to have quite a good time!  This past weekend, we went with my friends Holly and Anna to an AWESOME burger place - The Burger Stand at Dempsey's....those of you in Lawrence, check it out!  Holly's brother owns it and cooks some amazing food.  These aren't your typical burgers.  They were awesome and we got them with sweet potato fries - yummy!  Then, Holly and I went to see The Billions reunion/final show.  We had been going to their concerts since middle/high school, so it was fun to relive it all.  We're also gearing up for our roadtrip to St. Louis in two weeks to see Flight of the Conchords LIVE!  We. Are. Stoked!