Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer time!

It officially feels like summer in the Buhler household.  Adam got sunburnt, we both have tons of mosquito bites, and our bedroom feels like a sauna (okay, the entire house does).  Despite this, we are having lots of fun!  Some highlights:
  • Outside games at the Campanile - we played German tag, which evolved to was pretty intense.  Fun was definitely had by all, despite the bugs and mud.
  • Indoor games at NaeNae's - For a beginning, I pretty much rocked Nerts.  True, Janae won over all, but my score wasn't too shabby either.  I call for a rematch.
  • Henry's and Amanda's wedding - it was one of the most beautiful weddings we've been to - gorgeous music (we sang "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing," one of our favorites!), beautiful scriptures, and an amazing couple.  Yay for weddings!
  • DVDs from the library - we borrowed six, but ended up with seven total after visiting Adam's parents.  And yes, we watched them all within five days.  We have now experienced Rocky I and II - we're fans.  "Yo Adrienne!"
  • I cooked shrimp for the first time in my life.  After five months of getting grossed out at the thought of deveining and shelling those creatures, my love for Adam prevailed and I made Shrimp Creole.  And, surprisingly, I actually kind of liked it!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My husband, the photo-grapher

We all know how sweet Kansas summer thunderstorms are. Well, Adam Bear took some awesome pictures before it started raining and has his own photo gallery on the Journal-World website...check it out!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A New Chapter

Well, school is out now.  For the first time since our marriage we can spend time together every evening without worrying about homework.  It's great that we have time to watch more movies and relive our favorite parts of Season 2 of The Office (it's the only season we have on DVD).  Karen has a new job now and we are both excited about that because she doesn't dread going to work every day.  Karen also has the wonderful benefit of an hour long lunch break.  That's a luxury that I've never been able to appreciate and I'm a little jealous.  Karen takes 10 minutes to eat and the rest of the time she watches episodes of The Office.  It is nice that I can pick her up on my days off and spend a little bit of time together in the middle of the day.  I've become a lot more helpful around the house now that I have days off.  I've been able to take up the laundry and grocery shopping and the occasional cleaning/organizing project in our small apartment.  It's great that I can help out now.  I also really love the time off to work on my photography.  I'm trying to keep myself busy and productive on something while Payless isn't using my time.  If anyone reading this needs pictures taken for anything from weddings to eBay auction pictures to sports to portraits, I'm your guy.  It's great to be taking pictures again.  I love exercising that part of my creative mind again.  It invites my OCD tendencies come out and play.  I'm very particular with my details and that's very beneficial with photography.  I'll let you see some of the pictures I've been working with lately.  I'm very excited about my new camera and lens because of the great detail I can capture in my pictures now.  The first picture is the whole thing and the second one is a close-up of the detail.  The color and detail isn't the same after I posted the pictures but you get the idea.