Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three months!

It's been three months, two hours, and one minute since we first met our little guy. It's crazy to think how much he has already changed and how easily Adam and I have adapted to being Mommy and Daddy. We love it! It's so fun to experience this unique stage of life. Not gonna lie, it's definitely beat everything else so far.

Luckily, we have kind of settled into our routine and are using our time wisely and enjoying every moment with Everett and each other. I feel pretty confident as a teacher and Adam is enjoying his classes this semester and staying on top of the homework. We even have plenty of time to enjoy a weekly game night with our friends! Life is good.

A couple weeks ago, my sister Rachel and her boyfriend Josh took Adam and I to the first KU football game (yes...the embarrassing one where North Dakota State beat us 6-3). It was fun to hang out with them and to eavesdrop on the couple fighting behind us (it's not like the game was any interesting...we had to find something to entertain us!). We got there during the 2nd quarter and left at the beginning of the 4th. Everett stayed at home with Grandma and Aunt Christy, but he was at the game in spirit, sporting his Jayhawk onesie.

One of my favorite times of day is right when Everett wakes up, usually around 7:30. He is just kicking, smiling, and cooing from the moment I say "Good morning!" After he eats, he just smiles and talks to us for a good 45 minutes. Plus, he's still all warm and in his footed pajamas and it doesn't get much cuter than that! This was snapped while I made Adam's lunch before school....this kid is so adorable!

Everett is definitely growing up and becoming more social. As a result, he doesn't nap as long or as well during the day. Adam has had to adjust his expectations for his time in the afternoons with Everett because this little guy just wants to play with Daddy, rather than sleep so he can study! Adam's an awesome dad and somehow gets it all done. He always knows exactly what Everett needs and is so happy that Everett is finally enjoying some rough housing! I savor my time with Everett in the mornings and in the evenings and was especially excited when Everett, after an hour of crying, fell asleep while I sang his favorite songs over the phone to him on my drive home from work. I wasn't glad he was so worked up and upset, but when I gone most of the time that he's awake, it's nice to know that he remembers, misses, and loves me.
(We caught him mid-sneeze...still pretty cute!)

Everett is loving his hands! He's been chewing and sucking on them nonstop for a while, but just this week has been able to consistently soothe himself. He's been sucking his left index and middle fingers, which is exactly what I did as a baby. He's also been grabbing onto things and bringing them to his mouth. Yay for developmental milestones!

As a result of all that sucking and chewing, he has just been a drooling machine! I love this picture- his drool, expression, and everything else about him!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Picture Explosion!

So, it continues to be way too long in between posts. Though Adam is a photographer, we haven't actually taken too many pictures of Everett. And it's not due to lack of cuteness...we just have no desire to run and grab a camera when he is cooing and smiling...we just want to interact with him! It is breathtaking how adorable he is and what joy a simple smile can bring. We will include a lot of pictures so you can see for yourself.


Adam - He started classes in mid-August and is on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He is really excited to be taking a class about Haiti (called Portrait of a Third World Country: Haiti). I am excited to read his homework along with him since it doesn't feel like homework to either of us - it's an excuse to read about the history of a country we love and feel deeply connected to! Adam was also pleasantly surprised to find that he actually enjoys his business law class. After a rough semester last spring, he is excited to be in classes he either enjoys or has the intense desire to do well in and be done with them. We learned from last year and are trying to manage our time better and be more realistic with the number of things we take on. Let's hope it works!

Karen - I've been teaching preschool for the last three weeks. Holy sassy four-year olds! I love teaching the younger kids because I wouldn't have to deal with behavior issues (or so I thought...). So far, I am being tested and challenged every day by sassy little girls who act like teenagers. It is a bit ridiculous. There are so many things that happen where I just want to stop and say, "Really?! Really?!" I come home each day with lovely tales of my adventures and wish I could just be cuddling with my baby and watch him discover the world (okay...right now he's just discovering his hands and how they fit in his mouth. But I'll take that over divas any day!). Luckily, I love my school, district, fellow teachers, and support staff. It makes all the difference

Everett - He is now 24" and 14 lbs! This little guy just grows and grows, despite his mommy having two bouts with mastitis in two months. He is smiling, cooing, laughing, rolling, pivoting, and still rocking the tummy time. We had his first rounds of immunizations yesterday and our typically laid-back baby spent 12 hours in Daddy's arms, whimpering and wailing. He couldn't be laid down without bursting into tears, so he spent last night sleeping on top of Mommy. Luckily, he seems to be doing a lot better today. He is sleeping 6-9 hours in a row at night, which means that if we aren't well-rested, it's our own fault for staying up too late! He enjoys diaper changes, especially when I sing silly songs to him - he'll just stare at my eyes and stare grinning away. It is the best thing ever.

One of his first captured smiles...spending time with Nana!

He's outgrown most of his 0-3 month clothes, but 3-6 is still a little too big! These overalls make him look pretty little (though he is our super chunk!).

He loves sitting in the Bumbo and playing with toys or just looking around...there's lots to see!

All dressed up for church! This was the morning of his baby blessing (which was an amazing experience and so beautiful...it was so nice to have family and friends there with us on such a special day!)...notice his sneaker socks! He's a pretty snazzy dresser, what can I say!