Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Fever

After the longest winter ever, we are so glad to finally have some gorgeous weather here! We have both noticed that we tend to be more productive on the days that are sunny (rather than the rainy, dreary ones we had all last week). This semester has been incredibly busy for us - we are often away from our apartment from 8 AM to 9 PM. Over spring break we packed up our one-bedroom, 350 sq. ft. apartment on campus and moved five minutes away into a two-story, two bedroom, two bath apartment, complete with a dishwasher (and kitchen that doesn't double as a hallway!). Thanks to Adam, his parents, the Elders, and some guys from our ward, we made the move in less than two and a half hours. And, after two days, thanks in part to my love for organizing and heightened nesting instinct, we were completely unpacked with pictures on the wall! We have already enjoyed having friends and family over to enjoy the larger living space. Part of the excitement of our new place is the second bedroom that is now complete with a crib! I bribed Adam to wake up early one spring break morning by making German pancakes with fresh strawberries....once he was awake, I made him help me set up the crib! He feels a little tricked because he just realized that the baby probably won't even sleep in the crib until he's six weeks old (and by that time, we'll be moved into a different apartment). Oh well! You can't NOT set up the crib! Especially when it has such cute bedding!

We have had quite the baby boom in our ward the past couple months. We decided to document a piece of that:
All four of us are expecting boys, about a month apart from each other (the first two have already had their babies and Baby Wood could make his appearance at any time now!). Sadly, Katie was out of town when we took the picture - she's expecting a girl a couple weeks after our baby arrives. Still, it's been fun to attend and plan baby showers and even more exciting to meet the newest (and cutest) members of our ward as they arrive. Hard to believe that Baby Buhler will be here in 10-12 weeks!

And, in other news...the fundraising efforts for PAZAPA have been successful! SRO raised over $3500 from donations and ticket sales and Jardine Middle School raised $1300 selling puppy chow (that's right....they sold 2600 bags of puppy chow for 50 cents gotta love middle schoolers!). Obviously, the PAZAPA needs a lot more, but I am so impressed by the efforts of these students who have little or no connection to Haiti. How awesome. (PAZAPA updated their website - check it out!)

One last Haiti note. For those of you interested in hearing more about our experiences in Haiti before/during/after the earthquake, we will be speaking on Sunday, April 11th in Lawrence. We are planning on sharing pictures of our adventures and sharing more about our eventful two weeks. Please come! It will be at the LDS chapel (3655 W 10th St....right off of Kasold Dr.) at 7 PM. It's hard to believe that it has almost been three months since our trip. Really...we would love to have you come.