Monday, September 15, 2008

World Travelers

While we may not agree on the need for excessive amounts of throw pillows, Adam and I definitely agree on one thing - we like to travel.  We haven't done much, but we want to do more!  We've made lists of where we want to travel, and in true missionary style, have set goals and made plans to achieve those goals!  I would say we have been fairly successful so far in our life together.  It's been over a year since we've dated (then been engaged and married) and we've already taken a road trip to Utah, two roadtrips to Nauvoo (okay, so they don't count as much), a honeymoon in Chicago, a trip to Florida, and a cruise to the Bahamas.  Not too shabby!  It's a good thing we don't mind cutting out the little things (restaurants, movies, tv, etc.), because we enjoy the trips much more!  It looks like the next year will be just as exciting!  
This fall break, we are spending three jam-packed days in Utah.  The main purpose of our trip will be Adam taking pictures of Kevin's and Amy's wedding and reception in Salt Lake.  But, we are good with our time and will be able to see one sister, two sets of aunts and uncles, three mission companions, and one jewelry store (we need work done on my ring).  Not bad for just about 60 hours!

Over winter break, we will be marking one year of married bliss.  We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate, than to head over to the Bay and visit Grandpa Witt.  He was quite the traveler with Grandma and Uncle Louie, so we are looking forward to hearing about his adventures and having a few of our own.  Debbie and I got to spend a week with him last August before school started and it just wasn't enough!  Besides, Adam and Grandpa were roommates over Thanksgiving this past year, so I'm sure they'll want to catch up.

Our summer vacation wouldn't have been possible, were it not for my younger sisters' orthodontist work, college tuition bills, and my mom's new kitchen appliances.  Yes, my friends, my parents are paying for us to fly to England with frequent fliers.  We are so grateful and excited...we would not be able to afford this trip were it not for them!  Having seen Adam's mission, I can't wait to go back to mine and introduce him to everyone.  Plus, he's never been and I am quite the tour guide.

Since it will be a long time before we can cross the pond again, we decided to take a train over to Paris for a few days.  We're hoping to get by with Adam's French/Haitian...we'll let you know how that turns out.  The real excitement will be to see my Sister Margueritte (she goes by Alina Bertola now for some reason....not sure why....).  She and her hubby will come meet up with us.  Those boys have no idea what will happen!  Here's a little snapshot of our companionship:

So...that's our upcoming travel plans.  With Adam's new job he's able to take on lots of extra projects and make extra money, so we're hoping to use some of that for these adventures.  Or, my dad always tells us, "Two can eat as cheap as one if only one eats."  So, if things get tight, we'll just switch off weeks.  That should cut down our grocery bill!

And though we don't have the means or time yet, we've already started planning our next trips:

We had so much fun hanging out with these three (Finn's not in the picture), that we are hoping to make it out to Georgia before it gets washed away by more storms.  

And, what can be better than the Geeky Gees out in D.C.?!  We've already decided we'll take the train out to see them.  Cheaper, two stops in Chicago, and way more fun than airlines.  
Spring Break '10!

Any other travel ideas?


Michelle said...

Well, Dave and I are out in L.A. if you'd like to come see Hollywood! We've got a futon, know the scary places to stay away from and which beaches are just nasty. Just give us a call (Kirsty/Ellyn have the number)!!

Get Back to us! Nous contacter! said...

I'm looking forward to visiting ith you and your french/haitian speaking husband!! the picture of the 2 of us by the way... I'm pretty sure you started the strengh comparison contest! It brings back lots of sweet memories!

AdrianneJayne said...

Oh how fun! I love travelling, but it's so expensiiiive!

i don't go anywhere cool so i can't offer any suggestions! sorrry.. :(

Laura said...

I would love to meet up with you and Adam in England! I am in Essex now and so far so good! My goodness, that roundabout is crazy! 5 roundabouts on a roundabout?! It wouldn't be so bad if people used their indicators!!