Friday, October 3, 2008

Self Portrait

So, this may be a little strange for many of you out there.  I'm posting out of turn!  Karen has been really sick for the last two days and that's big news.  I don't think she's ever been this sick for this long.  She doesn't know how to be a good sick person.  The good thing is that she reads up all she can on what to do to make herself feel better.  

During her sickness, however, I have had a chance so experiment with some of my new photography equipment.  I have been reading a lot in a professional photographer's blog about off-camera flash techniques.  I've been itching for a chance to start using the stuff I've learned and I finally got enough money to invest in some amazing gear.  I bought, among many things, radio remote triggers for my flash so I can make my flash fire from up to 1600 feet.  Excessive?  Perhaps.  But I'm going for reliability and compatibility for the future.  The brand, Pocket Wizard, is the industry standard, and that's what I plan on using.  I love being able to learn by trial and error.  That's pretty much how I've learned everything in photography and it's addicting for me.  That's a benefit of doing something you love to do.  Anyways, check out some of my self portraits I've done between the hours of 10pm and midnight.

Self Portrait Strobist Style

Self Portrait 2

I have all of the behind the scenes information on the description of each picture if you are curious how each shot was made. I have also discovered Flickr, which is a really cool photo sharing community. I'm getting so many more ideas for pictures after seeing some of the stuff on there. Professionals and amateurs alike share some great techniques and ideas on there. Check it out.

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shoeless joel said...

Nice! I know you can also get a "flicker feed" widget for the blog to cycle through some of your pictures. Could be good...