Sunday, April 27, 2008


Well, last week Karen got to toot her horn about her last year home from a mission, and now it's my turn. April 26th made it one year here in the Sunflower State. A few things happened in this last year and here is a list of some of the more notable events:

  • I got home from my mission and was released as a full time missionary on the evening of the 26th.
  • 8 days later, in the wee morning hours of Cinco de Mayo (That's May 5th for you Gringos) after watching the last of the original Star Wars trilogy (which happened to be Karen's first time seeing it. I told her she was un-American for not having seen it before) we had a DTPR (Determine The Possible Relationship) and sealed the deal with a kiss.
  • My sisters and nephews came the following week to see me for my 22nd birthday.
  • I started working temporarily as a Custodial Engineer (yes, a janitor) at an elementary school. Thank goodness for iPods.
  • Two weeks later I started working at a call center where I answered questions about the FAFSA and other Federal Student Aid programs.
  • My Granddad Everett Buhler passed away in June having been diagnosed with cancer several months before. I was sad to see him go but found peace in the fact that I saw him after my mission.
  • Karen and I went on a very important road trip to Utah where we grew rather fond of each other. (The trip was originally organized to set me up with a mission companion of Karen's. Looks like I was too good to pass up, eh?) ((Karen just called me a nerd for that last sentence. I chided her for her poor use of the word 'nerd'.))
  • I started school at JCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC to work on my general education credits. It's a third the price of tuition at KU so I'm taking advantage of as many credits that transfer. I declared a major in Accounting but have yet to take a class in it. I think I like it...
  • One Friday night in September Karen and I sat down and made our financial goals for the next year and in seeing that they were the same, we decided to get married over Christmas Break.
  • Two weeks later I found out how temporary my job was with Federal Student Aid and two weeks and one day later I was out of a job.
  • One Friday night in October I gave Karen a sparkly ring.
  • In late October I started working at Payless where I am a Retail Operations Specialist. I have to know pretty much everything about how a store is run and I get to deal with customers a lot too. After working there for about 6 months, I can almost say that I feel comfortable answering 80% of the questions.
  • One Friday in January we got married.
  • We went to Chicago and I got sick.
  • I'm living with a girl now.
  • We paid tuition, bought two Macbooks, an LCD TV, DVD player, Microwave, bed, car insurance, and health insurance all within a months time. Gosh, life just got a lot more expensive!
  • I bought myself my own Digital SLR camera!
I'm supposed to put a little synopsis or something here at the end. I'm also supposed to say how wonderful Karen is and how blessed I am that she was there when I got home and now we're married. So, I guess that about does it. (I'm contributing to this blog with influence from Karen if you haven't noticed.)


Beth said...

I'm glad to know your marriage blossomed because of your parallel financial goals.

Good year!

Tim said...

I'm commenting so it doesn't say "one comments" anymore.

That phrase bugs Beth.

Way to go, Adam.

TPlayer said...

You guys kill me

Amelia said...

Seriously ... our financial goals were the same, so we decided to get married ... SERIOUSLY??? Come on! If you wanted a Macbook, DVD, LCD, TV, camera, whatever, you could have just bought one!! Karen, on the other hand, is way cooler than all that stuff. I would have married her for her personality, and the fact that I loved her ... but that's just me (if I was a dude).