Sunday, April 13, 2008

Us Weekly

So, in an effort to keep things equally divided among the Junior Buhler posts, I must make an appearance. Well, a number of notable events have transpired over the last several weeks. Probably the coolest was that KU has ended its 20 year drought and won the NCAA Basketball Championship! We are proud to be Jayhawk fans, that's for sure! The day after the championship game I had to turn in a mega-paper for my Composition class. It was an 8 page research paper that had to follow the strictest guidelines in order to ensure that I wasn't plagiarizing. Not only did I have to cite the author and page number of the book it came from but copies had to be made and attached to the final product or no credit would be given for the assignment. This is one of those teachers that loves to be meticulous with their work with no regard to how it affects a student's sleep patterns or stress levels. This semester can't end soon enough. Karen is now working hard to please all of her teachers who "understand that May is crazy so we'll make this due in April." It's a wonderful idea, I'm sure, but when everyone thinks that way it defeats the purpose.

To celebrate the slaying of the evil mega-paper, we watched the movie "Enchanted". Usually when one rents a movie it is custom to watch it once and return it. However, we just couldn't get enough of the movie. It was hilarious! We highly recommend it. Disney realized how corny they are and didn't try to deny it with this movie. They made light of their own Disney goodness. The song "That's How You Know" was really fun with a scene in Central Park.

Also, this last week we were rewarded for my excellent customer service at work. When someone wants to tell my manager how wonderful I am and how "jovial" I sound on the phone, they give me a $5 gift certificate to Payless that I can use along with my employee discount. Now, you may be thinking, this is a guy, guys don't buy shoes. Oh, you're right, but this guy *pointing to self with big thumbs* has a wife who happens to love shoes and would hate to see those gift certificates go to waste so we went and got Momma some new shoes. The look she has when she wears them is pretty much worth the "jovial" attitude on the phone. So, next time you call in somewhere and the person you talk to is very helpful and perhaps even a little "jovial" ask to compliment them and chances are their wives benefit from it.

A very exciting purchase was made for our family. I finally bought my own digital SLR camera. I bought a Canon 30D on eBay. I outbid someone in the last seconds by 78 cents! You've gotta love the race to the finish. I will certainly shop on eBay again. It has a wonderful used photography equipment market. I've been teaching Karen some of the basics with photography now that we have a good camera to learn with and it's been fun. Karen took a picture and we wanted to know your opinion so we can settle a dispute. We won't disclose which version each of us picked but we would like to know your opinion. So, if any of you know anyone who needs pictures taken, you let me know and pass the word along.

Picture 1
Picture 2

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Heidi said...

well, for this particular picture I would probably go for the first, just because it gives kind of a softening glow to the close-up. however, the second picture seems to be much more accurate as far as the real colors are concerned. and congrats on getting the camera!