Sunday, April 6, 2008

Power-packed weekend!

It has definitely been quite the weekend here in the Buhler household.  First things first - General Conference was this weekend and it was amazing!  It was hard for us to believe that last April, we were both on our missions during Conference.  What a whirlwind year it has been!  But, the Spirit we felt at last year's Conference and this year's has been the same.  Somehow, General Conference seems to come at the exact moment I need it!  There were so many wonderful speakers and beautiful hymns.  As I heard President Thomas S. Monson speak, I just knew that he was God's chosen prophet on the earth today. It is so comforting to know that the Lord can confirm truth through His spirit to each of us as individuals.  As Richard G. Scott said, salvation truly is an individual matter (but exaltation is a family matter - I loved that quote).  I always try to prepare myself for Conference by thinking and praying about specific questions or concerns that I want guidance on.  I am never disappointed!  I have such a greater resolve to do better and the conviction to change.  It's great.

Not to change subjects entirely, but this weekend could not be complete without making a reference to the KU-UNC game on Saturday.  Holy Cow!  Not at all what I was expecting, but I am not going to complain!  A bunch of girls had come over to our house before the game to watch "Becoming Jane" while the guys had a BBQ.  We decided to walk over to Allen Fieldhouse to watch the game there from the videoboard.  It was amazing!  There was quite a good crowd there (and since anyone drinking was downtown, it was a very nice, safe crowd!).  The first half was just full of laughter, cheering, and unbelief.  The second half was a little frightening, but our boys totally kept their lead the entire game and ended up with the bench playing the last few minutes and winning by 18 points! was good to be a Jayhawk!  We're planning on heading over to the Fieldhouse tomorrow night for Family Home Evening - hopefully, we'll come home happy!

The one damper to the weekend has been our crazy schoolwork.  The month of April is insane for Adam and I with tons of papers, projects, and exams.  Adam has had to work on a huge research paper that is due Tuesday - he's hoping to get it done before the game tomorrow night, but it requires a ton of work.  We'll both be happy when he turns it in!  Luckily, summer is finally in sight and we are looking forward to having more time to just spend together.  Adam got a new camera (he'll probably write more about it here after his paper is done), so he's excited to take pictures on campus.  And, I'm excited to get some free photography lessons!


Adelheide said...

Just saw that you have a blog. It's so fun to read what you're up to now. Cute apartment by the way!

Heidi said...

first, yay for adam's camera! i know he's been looking forward to that for a LONG time. and yay for conference! i was overwhelmed by the humility and faith that the leaders of the church really have. the future is bright.

and of course, rock chalk!!!!!