Monday, October 6, 2008

My weak.

Yes..I misspelled that on purpose.  Weak has been the story of my life since last Wednesday.  As Adam mentioned previously, I have been sick, which is altogether quite new to me.  Last Wednesday I started feeling horrible at work and had a temperature of 101.3 when I got home.  So, maybe that's not a big deal to most people, but my last fever was when I was 3.  I almost cried.  I felt like I was melting, I felt so hot and uncomfortable.  To top that off, I had a pulsing headache and my lower back had been hurting again.  Adam gave me a blessing and I tried to go to sleep.  I no longer felt hot, but I woke up every single hour.  Not a fun way to spend a night, I don't recommend it.  When Adam woke up, we discovered my temperature had passed 102, so I missed school, took Nyquil, and finally got some sleep.  I had a previously scheduled doctor's appointment, so it worked out perfectly....that is until my stomach decided to remove the small amount of food I had been able to eat that day 10 minutes before my appointment.  I didn't make it to the doctor's.  Thursday night was the same - no sleep, until I remembered Nyquil at 1 AM (remember, I'm a novice at this whole sick thing).  Friday I still had a temperature, but I was so bored of being home!  Adam's mom gave me Tylenol, my fever broke and I was a happy 98.3!

Then came Saturday morning....General Conference favorite Saturday.  I wake up with a fever!  And headache.  And back pain.  I waited to go to the doctor because my fever was only 99.5 and I didn't want them to laugh at me.  After a horrible morning, I "Asked A Nurse" who told me to go to the ER.  I cried.  And texted Adam (who I didn't want to know I was crying...then he gets really worried.).  He left work early to pick me up.  I told him I googled how much the emergency room was and told him I wasn't going for a measly fever.  We compromised on Watkins Health Center (I really just wanted to take a Tylenol and call it good).  We got there, they told us there was an after-hours fee and Adam forced me to do it anyway (he told me it isn't always healthy to be a cheapskate...literally).  Well, we're glad we went.  Initally, they just thought I got something from the little two-year olds I work with.  Nope!  Turns out I have a full blown kidney infection!  And all that lower back pain?  That's my kidney!  Who knew?  My doctor gave me some heavy duty antibiotics and some anti-nausea medicine.  I didn't understand why the anti-nausea pills were described until my doctor told me my antibiotics were $20/pill and she didn't want me to throw (up) my money away.  Smart doctor!

So now....I haven't been to school or work since Wednesday and won't be until maybe this Thursday.  I'm quite sick of being sick.  I did arrange to work from home this week (I feel so professional and un-student hourly!), so that gave me something to do this morning.  I still have a paper to write for tomorrow (my teacher hasn't told me if I can email it to her or not, so I might be making one trek on campus tomorrow after all).  I should find ways to stay busy tomorrow - the house is a mess after a week of no cooking or cleaning and we are running out of dishes!  Maybe I'll get a burst of energy and tackle the 350 sq. feet we call home.


disillusioned said...


For the newbie: A fever with back pain (upper, neck, or lower) is REALLY not a good sign. Add nausea to that--ER (or Watkins) it is. Did they give you the whole "make sure you drink lots of water and go to the toitie more often" speech? Teachers are notorious for bladder and kidney infections! I know--I've had 2 of the b's!

Mary P.

P.S. I hope you feel better soon--and what the heck were you doing at church on Sunday--sick woman?!?

Amelia said...

I'm sorry you were so sick! But, I am glad that you went to the doctor. New rule of thumb for the sickies: If you have a fever for more than 24 hours or so, go to the doctor! I hope you're feeling much better now!

Hooked on Houses said...

Sorry you've been feeling so miserable. Will it make you feel better to know that your photo is up on my blog today or worse? Ha.

People are voting for their favorite fake foto until Saturday and then I'll announce the winner. Good luck! -Julia :-)