Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Telling our story

Adam and I were interviewed last night for the University Daily Kansan. They incorporated that interview with some of the pictures and video we took while in Haiti. It was nice to actually describe what happened, knowing that it was in our words and without playing "Telephone" with the press (which is why we have been said to be in Haiti building a school, a church, and a "handicapped orphanage" - don't trust everything you read!).

Click here for the brief story of how we were able to (miraculously) leave Jacmel.

Click here for Part 1 of our video interview.

Click here for Part 2 of our video interview.

We just heard this morning that there has been a 6.1 aftershock in Haiti. It has been over a week now since the initial earthquake and we fear that this will affect just as many people. After a week, people were starting to feel more comfortable in their homes (if they were still standing) and we are not looking forward to hearing how much devastation this aftershock has brought. Please continue to keep the Haitian people in your prayers. I am speaking with someone from Pazapa today about fundraising, so hopefully I will be able to pass on vital information to everyone who has been following our experiences. My dad shared a quote with us this week, which really hit home. Hopefully it does for you too!

"I can't do everything about everyone everywhere, but I can do something for someone somewhere." - Richard L. Evans

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KarenM said...

Karen - I've been reading your posts and I watched some of the videos. (I followed the link on Heidi's blog to your blog). I'm so glad to hear that you and Adam are OK! I'm sure your parents are very grateful for the blessings of protection that you two have received.