Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back to school, back to school...

So, I'm back at school!  I had been jealous of Adam starting a week earlier than me, but that has definitely worn off.  It's crazy how quickly we've had to get back into our busy schedule of school, work, church, and family.  Unfortunately for me, that was the my last real summer for the next few years.  After I graduate in May, I'll be spending the next two or three summers cramming in graduate classes.  But...before I do that, I'll have to get through these next two semesters!

Even though we've been busy with school, we've luckily had time with friends and family.  On Monday, we celebrated my mum's birthday in Topeka with a trip to the neighborhood Tortilla Jack's.  Good times were had by all (except maybe the employees - I don't think they were used to loud groups of 13!).

The next day, I ditched Adam for a girls' night with my old roommates.  Lacelle Rochelle is heading off for Espana, so we got the gang together for some good food and the Olympics.  Here's the picture Tyler so kindly took for us (I wonder how many pictures we've taken like this!?):

Well, it's official - Adam is a loved uncle.  Bubba has always been a big fan of Adam, even when we were just dating, but Lili's taken a little bit longer to warm up (when we asked her to come to our wedding she politely said "No, thank you.").  That has all changed!  She will hold his hand on walks, tickle him, ask him to tickle her, and call him Uncle Adam!  Here's a photo of the three of them in action:

I've become quite domestic lately...I am making my own bread!  It started by making potato bread with Lili and Bubba (picture below wearing my assorted aprons), but I've decided to stop buying store bread and bake my own each Saturday.  This week?  Good, healthy wheat bread.  I'll let you know how it turns out!  This could be an adventure that doesn't last too long...


acaseofcot said...

How cute is your blog?
About your, seriously she pulled up to pick me up (and I had a slight memory that Cassi said your sister had lived here)and then I saw her and remembered her saying her last name was Christensen and she rolled down the window and the first thing I said was, "you have got to be Karen's sister!" haha. Seriously how fun that your sister will be in my ward...and how fun that I know your blog now so we can stay in touch better.

Get Back to us! Nous contacter! said...

Hello dear! I love visiting your blog! You gotta learn french 'cause i'm bad at translating mine into english... I'm doing goud though at keeping it updated in french!
About my homemade bread-we have here in france a very good brand of flour that makes it very easy to make it (just have to read and follow the instructions beside the box). I still have to mix, knead and wait for the dough to raise, put it into the oven and enjoy it!
I'd love to see pictures of yours!
Cheers mate!