Sunday, May 11, 2008

Almost done...

It's Adam's week, but he'll probably want to write about his birthday festivities (they began on Saturday and will end tomorrow on his actual birthday) and the end of finals, so I'm just going to leave a brief posting.  First, to thank Heidi for the gorgeous banner and layout she made for us.  That girl is quite productive on her sick days home!  Thank you again!  And secondly, to showcase a video I made for a group final project.  Enjoy!

It's located here if you ever want to watch it again!


Amelia said...

Karen, this is why I love you. You are crazy, smart, and witty all at once! But, I have to ask ... what was the premise behind the project? Lots of good tips, though. That hand-washing scene was classic!

Karen Ruth said...

Well, I don't know how much our project applies to our assignment. We were supposed to take standards, benchmarks, and indicators, and present them in a way that anyone could learn them (we were told to make a video and to be creative and have fun with we did!). Our video was geared for third grade science - learning health and safety to prevent personal injury and harm. Basically, we wanted to have freeze frame introductions and a car this is what we came up with.

Get Back to us! Nous contacter! said...

Karen! You had the "role" in the project!
great to get news about the 2 of you! I love the way you decorated your flat. I love the sofa (it's my favourite!!

Hope all is well with you!
By the way do i need to apply the will you question with you to get your address? ;°)
Love you sweetie!