Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break!

So, to kick off our Spring Break...Lili and Bubs came over on Saturday.  At first I was going to plan all sorts of fun and games to keep them entertained - but I had no need to!  Bubba loves our recliner and will spend hours putting it up and down.  He also discovered where I keep jars of flour, sugar, and salt....so that was an exciting time.  They helped me plan the menu for this week ("You should cook Uncle Adam pasghetti.  And maybe some meatballs." - Lili).  Then, we went off to Checkers for a shopping adventure.  Luckily, they have these carts that look like trucks, so Lili and Bubba got to "drive" through the entire store.  Each time I stopped to put food in the cart, they would tell me they ran out of gas or were at a stoplight.  It was cute.  We also made cookies, took a long nap, and played with Adam at the playground next to our apartment building.  It's fun to have family close by!

Adam only has Tuesday off (plus Saturday for the temple trip), so we are making good use of our time together!  We have lots of errands to run - getting the title of our car in our name, going to the bank, finishing our FAFSAs, and getting ahead in our schoolwork.  For the first time since our honeymoon, we got to sleep in past 8 AM.  It was nice.  Spring Break really isn't so much of a break as it is just a time to get caught up - on sleep, on schoolwork.  I don't know how people can use that short time for a vacation - I would get even more behind!  I'm sure at some point we'll be able to afford - and enjoy - a real Spring Break...but until then, we're good just watching movies each night!

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Amelia said...

I love that you guys have a blog now! Huzzah! Karen, I think you should post pictures of your new cute hair-do. Adam mentioned that you cut it after the wedding ... do share!