Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My 12-4.

I spend two hours in a car, Monday-Friday. That's not too exciting. I spend four hours with ten 2-5 year olds, Monday-Friday. That can be...interesting. I always hear of first-year teachers keeping a journal of all the ridiculous and crazy things that happen to them (I haven't done that), but to be honest...I don't think it would matter how many years I teach preschool...they are just going to be full of funny things! There are so many moments that I just want to capture and share with others, but can't. Like the time a little guy showed up with two left shoes - one loafer and one sneaker. Or the girl that showed up on "Wear Blue" day in a too-big, blue dance leotard with blue and white puffy sleeves and a sheer dance skirt. Those are the cute and funny moments. Then, there are moments like this:

Setting: Just before we go out to recess near the end of the day, we all line up and walk to the restrooms. One girl was having a particularly sassy day, army-crawling down the hallway, running back to the room, and finally somewhat walking with me to the restroom. Once she got in the stall, I thought the excitement would be over (I was a little done with her that day.). Much to my surprise, the stall opens and she scoots backwards - pants at her ankles and hands spreading her bum. She exclaimed incredulously, "Did you know that this line is ALWAYS going to be here?!" Wow. Not expecting that! I surprised myself by not laughing and just saying firmly, "You better turn that thing around and go to the bathroom, missy!" Looking back on it, I laugh a lot. I shared it at our staff meeting this week and won the prize for the best student story of the year.

We've been having parent teacher conferences this week. I have really enjoyed speaking with all of my students' parents! It kind of makes it real that I am a teacher when I hear the parents share stories from their child's perspective. An especially cute story I heard today involved a well behaved boy in my class. His mom told me today that he purposely spit in her car. After he did, and knowing that his mom was coming to the school tonight, he said, "Don't tell Miss Karen what I did. It'll be our little secret, okay?" He's also the kid that can identify all of his colors and numbers based on characters from Thomas the Tank Engine. This kid has a one track mind!

But, you know the best part of my day? Coming home to the two sweetest boys ever. Tonight was especially hard because I was gone from 12-8. I was kind of bummed that I wouldn't be able to really see Everett until he woke up at 3 AM to eat. Well, this guy must've had a bad dream or something because about 30 minutes after I got home, he started crying in his sleep and I was able to hold him and comfort him back to sleep. It is good to be home! And, one funny story about home life. Adam and I love spending the first 20 minutes of our day playing and talking with Everett. He wakes up SO happy and playful, so the three of us just stay in bed and slowly wake up to cute baby smiles. This morning I couldn't find my glasses. I am blind without them. I tried looking around my nightstand (with my face about three inches away from it), while Adam looked on the floor and in other places in our room. After searching most of the house without luck, I remembered something. I told Adam to check the floor next to the crib. Sure enough, there they were! At 3 AM this morning, I had gone into feed Everett while sitting in our glider. Well, halfway through I became so tired that I knew I couldn't stay sitting up and I was too tired to carry Everett into our bed to feed him. So, I took Everett and laid down on the floor next to the crib, fed Everett, fell asleep while doing so, and 30 minutes later, woke up enough to put Everett back in the crib and stagger back to my bed. Talk about sleepwalking and sleepfeeding! Mystery solved.

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my name is Mel said...

I love your stories. AND the one about sleepwalking/sleepfeeding. There is some seriously crazy business that goes on in the middle of the night. I feel like a different person and sometimes when I wake up the night is so, so hazy.

Hope you are well! You are doing an incredible job!