Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's been a while...

It's a bit daunting to write a blog post now - how will we ever compare with our previous entries?! Fortunately for us, life has just continued as busy as ever and we are just trying to keep up. I'll be making three presentations this week in Topeka about our experiences and PAZAPA and gearing up for Topeka High's fundraising efforts through SRO, the student-run talent show. We'll post more details as it gets closer.

In the meantime, I ran across an article about Marika, the director of PAZAPA. I think it gives a really good idea of what they are dealing with in Jacmel right now. Click here for the link.

And in non-Haiti news, we found out last week that Baby Buhler is a boy! And no, Angus is not really in the running for names.


Becky Clinton said...

So if not Angus, will it be Jacmel or Pazapa?

Mel said...

Yaaaah!! Congrats on the news of a baby boy!

Any name ideas?

So excited for you guys!

Amelia said...

Woah ... what an article. Let me know how we can help. I'm thinking about starting a fund raiser here, but don't know how that will work ... just another thing I guess I'll figure out through faith and determination! :) I'm sure Marika will deeply appreciate the work you're doing to raise funds and awareness. You're awesome!