Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Picture Version

So, Adam summed up our summer so far...and I have the pictures to go with it!  Here you go!

Girl's Camp - It was awesome!  We're already planning for next year.  There were quite a few Christensens there, so of course we had to get matching outfits.  Here's a Christensen totem pole:

Nelson-Atkins - It was pretty cool.  They closed at 4:00, but we thought it was open until we explored the Plaza a bit.

What we found at the Plaza....Cheesecake Factory!  We each ordered a different kind and shared a bite of each.  There was Key Lime, Strawberry, Tres Leches, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Coconut Fudge (? I can't remember the exact name), and another chocolate one (it was good...I just can't remember the name of Adam's).  So, this is totally a self-timer picture, which became awkward because as we were taking it, the waitress came...we're nerds.

Fourth of July - Adam was working, my family was in California, so I spent the day in Topeka with Debbie, Holly, and my dad.  We kept getting peer pressured into playing with the band, but we resisted.  However, we gave in when they asked us to carry the huge flag in the parade.

Kristen and the boys got in town, so we headed over to the Topeka Zoo.  It rained.  A lot.

Family pictures...not sure if we got one where everyone was smiling and looking at the camera...but this one turned out nicely!

"We look like we're stealing their kids!"

The Buhler Siblings!

We watched the boys one evening...complete with sidewalk chalk and a wagon ride around the neighborhood!

A summer isn't complete without concerts!  That's right...Adam and I went to Nicole's and Kevin's housewarming party, complete with a live band...let's just say we had good seats.  Lacey and Brooke came right as the band stopped playing, but we figured we should pose for a roommate picture (nice smile, Lacey):
Oh yes...we're going on tour as the band's back-up dancers.  I promise Adam is more excited than he looks in this picture...

All in all, we've had a pretty awesome summer.  We've been able to spend lots of time together...especially as we have started watching "Lost" online.  We're definitely hooked...and we still have three and a half more seasons to go through!  We leave for our Florida trip in less than two weeks and we are getting so excited!


Kate said...

oh you christensens/buhlers are just so darn cute!!!!!!!

glad to hear your summer is going wonderfully!!!! (can you believe how fast it has gone by??? I'M NOT READY!!!) :)

Chad and Amber said...

LOST is amazing!!!! I might have the first 3 seasons on DVD it's that good... I'm so glad you've been introduced to it and love it too. Sounds like you've had a great summer!

Webster family said...

Jer and I watched Lost online too! We just finished a few weeks ago. Gotta love free entertainment that you can decide when you want to be entertained by it.

Amelia said...

I love all the photos almost as much as I love having you two in our family! I am also thrilled that you finally caved into the Lost time warp. It's the fastest way to lose 20-30 hours of your life at a time ... because you won't want to even go to the bathroom during some episodes. Just hold it and keep pressing play!