Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer time!

It officially feels like summer in the Buhler household.  Adam got sunburnt, we both have tons of mosquito bites, and our bedroom feels like a sauna (okay, the entire house does).  Despite this, we are having lots of fun!  Some highlights:
  • Outside games at the Campanile - we played German tag, which evolved to was pretty intense.  Fun was definitely had by all, despite the bugs and mud.
  • Indoor games at NaeNae's - For a beginning, I pretty much rocked Nerts.  True, Janae won over all, but my score wasn't too shabby either.  I call for a rematch.
  • Henry's and Amanda's wedding - it was one of the most beautiful weddings we've been to - gorgeous music (we sang "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing," one of our favorites!), beautiful scriptures, and an amazing couple.  Yay for weddings!
  • DVDs from the library - we borrowed six, but ended up with seven total after visiting Adam's parents.  And yes, we watched them all within five days.  We have now experienced Rocky I and II - we're fans.  "Yo Adrienne!"
  • I cooked shrimp for the first time in my life.  After five months of getting grossed out at the thought of deveining and shelling those creatures, my love for Adam prevailed and I made Shrimp Creole.  And, surprisingly, I actually kind of liked it!


Matt and Ali said...

rocky is one of the greatest series out there. 3 & 4 are the best. 5 isn't worth your time. and rocky balboa is great too. just do not watch rocky 5, it will slightly ruin the beauty of the movies.

Michelle said...

Shrimp is soooo good!!! We are big seafood people over here. (Hint: I know Adam will say it's heresy, but you can buy pre-deveined shrimp, and it's just as good). Mix a pound of shrimp with a tbsp of Old Bay Seasoning and steam it. OMG, it's so good!!!

AdrianneJayne said...

"Yo Adrianne!" I hear it at least once a day! Welcome to my world!


Get Back to us! Nous contacter! said...

You cook? How can i not remember us cooking at all while at the Riopel's? Did we ever eat inside, or did we only eat junk food? Or maybe we kept fasting..
Karen, how I love hearing from you! By the way what is all about your poor husband being attacked by a door handle? Are you sure you're not involved in that??
Love you Billy ;°)